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Single Signon and Single Logout Procedure

"SSO" stands for single signon and "SLO" stands for single logout.  Please see specific instructions for the single logout process for VetMedAcademy. 

VetMedAcademy has 2 websites, but we have tried to make your interaction with these 2 sites as simple as possible.

The one you sign into is a "Content Management System"  or "CMS" and we maintain our membership rosters, blog, and publicly visible content (example videos, information about instructor/curators, newsletter archives, etc.) on that site.  You reach this site via and can recognize you are there by the white main menubar as below

Menu on Web Portal Site

The "Learning Management System" or "LMS" is a Moodle site that is specialized in all things associated with packaging, housing and delivering learning content. The direct access to the dashboard of this site is via, but you will be sent back to the CMS to sign in and then be forwarded again to the LMS.  We don't recommend that you go to this site directly except via links on the web portal.  If you mistakenly go to the address above without /my/ at the end, you'll reach what looks like a homepage. Do not try to sign in again, but rather simply move to the menu item called "Dashboard" on the black main menubar.

Menu of Learning Module Site

You do have some controls via your "Preferences" on the LMS to choose your preferred language for the LMS platform, as well as provide preferences for email communication of learning forums.  However, we ask that you *do not* change anything within your profile, such as username, email or names on this site.  You are open to do that on the main web portal (CMS) at

For your convenience, so you only have one VetMedAcademy account and password, we have set up the CMS to provide your credentials in a secure manner to the LMS.  We hope that the main thing you notice is that the main menu changes from a white to a black background, and you will see your learning dashboard with all of the learning modules in which you are enrolled.