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About Evidence-Based Education Blog

The Evidence-Based Education (EBE) Blog is a periodic discussion of research in general and veterinary education that impacts (or should impact) how we accomplish a veterinary education around the world.  You can find the most recent blog posts highlighted on the homepage, and you can find all of them on the blog page itself.  

Evidence-Based Education Blog

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You have the option to subscribe upon registering with VetMedAcademy (see My Account).  However, you can subscribe in 2 basic ways. If you'd like to receive email notices of new blog posts, click on the large green button shown below right. A more sophisticated way to subscribe is to subscribe to a "feed" of the articles to your favorite "feed" application. See link at the bottom.  This will reconstruct the blog posts within your feed as you might receive a news feed.

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And you can go to the Mailchimp VMA Blog subscription page if you aren't already subscribed as a member, or aren't a member (please also apply!).  This will subscribe you to receive Mailchimp emails with the latest blog summary as well as links to the latest 3-5 blog posts.  You can unsubscribe at any time by selecting this option at the bottom of the email. 

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