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Canine Cardiovascular System

Cardiovascular Mechanics

Module Instructor/Curator
Level preclinical

Cardiovascular physiological mechanics focusing upon the underlying physics of vascular and cardiac function resulting in the pumping and circulation of blood through the body.  The electrical basics of the ECG are described in part to allow better understanding of the 4 clinical cases that demonstrate relevance of these principles. Formative questions with video feedback help the learner review the concepts. The module includes 3 lessons involving 14 concept videos and 9 case-related videos, addressing the key topics listed below. 

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Module Features
Includes 14 content and 9 case-related videos
Hemodynamics: Ohm's Law
Hemodynamics: The Vascular Continuity Equation
Hemodynamics: Hydrostatic Pressure
Blood Viscosity
Hemodynamics: Poiseuille Equation
Bernoulli Equation and Clinical Applications
Cardiovascular Compliance
4 relevant clinical cases with video introductions and separate video explanations